The Best Online Jobs for Teens in 2021 — Money Saved Is Money Earned

What are the best online jobs for teens?

Anything to do with social media

How can you try to make money from social media?

  1. Become a master on one platform and offer your services to a local business. You can become the local social media expert.
  2. Look for advertisement opportunities. You can get paid to promote products on your social media pages.
  3. Get a job in social media. Many companies are hiring social media managers to handle their content.

Find a freelancing service that you can offer

How can you start making money as a young freelancer?

  • The trick is to look at what’s in demand.
  • Explore job boards to see where you can make money.
  • Apply for jobs.

What are job boards that you can check out?

What should you do right now to start making money?

Become a virtual assistant

Offer something on Fiverr

Teach what you know

How do you make money from teaching?

  • Offer your tutoring services. You can use Kijiji to find local clients or check out sites like Udemy to become an online tutor.
  • Teach English online. There are sites like Chegg where you can get paid to teach English.

How can you build future income streams as a college student?

Work on learning relevant skills

What are the skills that you should be learning?

  • Coding.
  • Any kind of design work.
  • Editing work.
  • Social media management.

How can you learn these skills? Here’s what I do when I want to learn something new:

  1. Think of one skill that you want to focus on.
  2. Follow relevant experts on Instagram or YouTube and watch any tutorial that you can find.
  3. Invest in some equipment (this one’s optional).
  4. Build a social medial profile on one platform.

Start a blog

Here’s how you can make money from blogging:

  • Start a blog around a topic that you’re passionate about.
  • Create amazing content around this topic.
  • Spread the word about your blog.
  • Find passionate readers.
  • Look for advertising opportunities.

Final Thoughts

Martin Dasko



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Money Saved is Money Earned

Money Saved is Money Earned

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