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On the Strip

When most think of Las Vegas, they think of the Strip, which is where we’ll start our tour. Indeed, most of the things we’ll be talking about are found at the hotels and casinos that line the Strip.

1. Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas Sign — South End of Strip

The famous “Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas” sign is iconic and recognized across the world whether you’ve been to Vegas or not. But while knowledge of the sign is larger than life, the real thing is not. In fact, the eyes of most first-time visitors will be so drawn to the towering hotels and the glitz and glam of the Strip that they’ll likely completely miss the sign.

2. Medieval Acts — Excalibur

On first stop on the Strip will be on the left-hand side at Excalibur to catch the Medieval Acts show.

3. Hawaiian Marketplace — Strip

This is the Hawaiian Marketplace, and it’s packed full of activities, food, and fun. Strolling around, you can grab a bite, peruse vendors, buy souvenirs, and check out a few free shows. Free activities include animatronic bird shows, Hawaiian dancers, singing, and story-telling.

4. Merchant’s Harbor Rainstorm — Planet Hollywood

After the marketplace, it’s a hop-skip-and-a-jump to our next free activity.

5. The Fountains of Bellagio — Bellagio

This is my personal favorite of all the free things to do in Las Vegas. The Dancing Waters fountain shows at the Bellagio feature fountain displays set to various music.

6. Fall of Atlantis Fountain Show — Caesar’s Palace

Inside the Forum Shops at Caesars, the Fall of Atlantis is an animatronic display of fire, water, and some large talking statues. The show tells the story of King Atlas trying to decide which of his undeserving kids will rule the throne of Atlantis.

7. Wildlife Habitat at the Flamingo — Flamingo

The Wildlife Habitat at the Flamingo features, well, flamingos. This lush habitat is home to a flock of Chilean flamingos, a host of colorful birds such as Ring Teal ducks and Sacred Ibis, pelicans, swans, ducks, koi fish, and turtles.

8. The Volcano — Mirage

Cutting back across to the west side of Las Vegas Boulevard brings us to our next free activity.

9. Painted Ceilings of the Venetian — Venetian

Almost directly across the street is the Venetian, which hosts our next of the free things to do in Las Vegas.

10. Circus Acts — Circus Circus

The last of the free things to do in Las Vegas on the Strip takes us to Circus Circus, one of the oldest and most iconic casinos in Vegas.

Off the Strip

Now that we’ve explored the Strip let’s jump in an Uber and see what else there is to do. Here are 2 other free things to do in Las Vegas that are off the Strip.

11. Freemont Street Experience Light Show — Freemont Street

The first of our free things to do off the Strip is the Freemont Street Experience featuring the Viva Vision Light Show.

12. Ethel M Chocolates — Henderson

The Ethel M Chocolates Factory offers the best chocolate experience in Las Vegas with chocolate and wine tastings, a self-guided factory viewing tour, and a three-acre cactus garden.

Bonus Extra Free Attractions

We’ve just covered 12 super cool free things to do in Las Vegas both on and off the Strip, but they aren’t the only things.

The Conservatory — Bellagio

The Conservatory at the Bellagio is a 14,000 square foot atrium with 55-foot ceilings and a lush botanical garden for you to enjoy.

Chocolate Fountain — Bellagio

Also located at the Bellagio on the promenade of the Spa Tower is a 27-foot-tall chocolate fountain. It’s worth a look as you’re exploring the hotel and casino.

Eiffel Tower — Paris

The half-size Eiffel Tower replica at the Paris hotel and casino is an iconic landmark of Las Vegas’s mid-Strip. There is a restaurant located inside the Tower, and you can pay to go up to an observation area, but it’s completely free to take a look at the Tower from the outside.

Sphynx and Pyramid — Luxor

Another iconic section of the Strip features the replica Sphynx and Pyramid Tower at Luxor.

Gaming Lessons — All Major Casinos

Last but not least, if sightseeing and shows aren’t your thing, you could stop into most of the major casinos in Las Vegas and get a free gaming lesson.

Moral of the Story

Sin City isn’t just about drinking and gambling, although plenty of debauchery is found.

Tawnya Redding



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